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Agility Classes
Unleashed Agility offers Agility classes from the Beginner’s level all the way to the most Advanced Classes available in the area. Our instructors are very active in Agility, and attend seminars and training sessions to stay on top of all of the newest and best training methods and techniques so that we can be prepared to pass on the latest skills in working with you and your dog.

Lead Instructor pre-approval is required to register for all classes. We try to group students at similar levels to allow our classes to flow at a fast pace for all of our students.

Schedule is subject to change without notice. Intro classes are limited to 5 or fewer studetns per class. All other classes limited to 8 students or fewer per instructor so that we may have ample time to work you, and so that you will have to work with your dog in class under our direct supervision.

In many classes we have co-instructors to offer you as much individual help as possible for you and your dog. In some rare cases, we may allow more than 8 students in a class if circumstances allow for it.

Classes generally fill early, and have waiting lists, so you will want to watch this site for the posting of class schedules, and will want to register for your class as quickly as possible. Additional classes may be added as needed if enrollment levels exceed class limits, and time slots and instructors are available.

Agility Class Schedule
For Session Beginning Week of January 2, 2018
Private Lessons Available Upon Request
Class Registration Form
*** See under class schedule for Skill Level Expectations
Level 1 - Basis Set, Down, Recall. Gets along well around other dogs and people. Willing to focus on handler, and take guidance. Introduction to agility equipment is successful.

Level 2- Ability to do basic front crosses, rear crosses, and blind crosses. . Can work off leash. Reasonable recall to handler while working. Ability to send a few feet to a tunnel Ability to perform 5 to 8 simple obstacles in sequence. Ability to maintain start line without breaking. Ability to perform weave poles spread open approximately 45 degrees as one obstacle.

Level 3 - All of above, plus ability to send approximately 10 feet to a tunnel. Ability to send approximately 5 feet to a jump. Ability of handler to perform a 3 obstacle lead out. Ability to understand acceleration, and deceleration signals, hand signals, and respond to verbal commands. Ability to perform weave poles spread about 12 to 16 inches at the top.

Level 4 & 5 - All of above plus ability to send approximately 15 ft to tunnel. Ability to perform 12 straight up weave poles as one obstacle without fault. Handler and dog should be developed as a team at this point and be ready to work on sharpening all of the agility skills they have been taught so far, and be receptive to new talents and skills as introduced by their instructor.

Level 6 - Team should be competing at the higher levels of their chosen venue. Instructrion as this level will be focused on improving all skill levels of the team so that they may operate at the most skillful, and time efficient levels when competing in agility trials in any venue.

Skill Level Expectations
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